Career in the film industry

Feb 01, 12 Career in the film industry

A career in the film industry is something that many people aspire to. For anyone who is creative and doesn’t relish the prospect of spending 8 hours a day stuck behind a desk, a career in the film industry is incredibly attractive. Exotic locations, mixing with stars, and producing iconic moments of film. So how do you get there?

To get into the industry as an actor is probably the most difficult route. We have provided some information that answers questions like “how do I get an agent for acting?” and “how can I start acting” here: how to be a actor

But that is just one route, as a film crew has many, many different roles contained within it. But the traditional first rung on the ladder is a runner. These people usually work with the production team and are the foot-soldiers of the film world. You could be doing anything from making tea to finding an item to help with set design. You will need to be fit, eager and prepared for a low wage, but it’s where many people now in top positions started their careers.


The next way of getting started on a career in the film industry would be to get an internship or some work experience. This will likely be unpaid or very low paid, but it will help you build your experience to a level where you can apply for jobs (usually at an ‘Assistant’ level) when they come up. There will be work experience and trainee opportunities in a wide variety of areas of the film process from production to post-production. Keep your eyes open for positions in the trade magazines.
To give you some ideas about which position might suit you, here is a list:


Start at the bottom and work up

There are a huge number of different careers in the film industry, but unless you have specific experience, you will need to either start from the bottom as a runner and work your way up, or get unpaid/low-paid work experience.

In general, careers involved in the shooting process of films have long hours and early starts, but if that doesn’t faze you, then go for it!

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