Good songs to sing to

Feb 01, 12 Good songs to sing to

If you’re going to an audition for a talent competition or to join a band, or even you have a karaoke night planned, you’ll need some good songs to sing to in order to show off that great voice of yours!

So if you’re looking for songs to sing for an audition, what do you need to consider? Well, it usually helps if the song is known by the panel of judges, so maybe try a big number from musical theater (everybody loves the big show tunes, even if they don’t admit it!).

Popular Songs to Sing:

Some big tunes in this field for both male and female voices include: Tonight (Westside Story), Defying Gravity (Wicked), Memory (Cats), Bring Him Home (Les Miserables), Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Evita), Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific), Luck Be A Lady (Guys & Dolls).

Great rock songs to sing include: Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi), Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey), War Pigs (Black Sabbath), Sweet Child O’Mine (Guns ‘n’ Roses), Alive (Pearl Jam).

All these songs are perfect for showing off a good vocal range and power – just what you need for an audition.


Another idea is to pick a famous song you like and change it into your own style. For instance you could choose a rock song and give it a jazzy or soulful twist. This will show the people judging your talent that you can be different and innovative. Always going to give you extra marks, and be memorable!

The main thing is to pick a tune that doesn’t stretch your vocal range beyond its limit – you need to be able to sing it comfortably. Remember also that nerves can have a big effect on your voice, so maybe try to avoid songs with long notes.

But if you’re just going out for a night of karaoke, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get some practice in beforehand! There are plenty of sites that have karaoke songs to download. Here are a few of them (they could also be useful for audition backing tracks):


Singing tips from the stars

“I always knew I had a voice and I’ve always known I could sing, but I was too shy to let it come out. I think it’s the hardest thing to do, to sing in front of people. When I finally let go and did it, I realized it’s what I’m most talented at and what I love to do the most.
Paris Hilton

“Senorita was fun to sing, but I don’t really have a favorite. When you write a bunch of songs, they’re like your babies. You don’t pick favorites.”
Justin Timberlake

“God gave me a voice to sing with, and when you have that, what other gimmick is there?”
Whitney Houston


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