How To Get Noticed

Sep 16, 12 How To Get Noticed

These days it seems that half of the TV shows around at the moment are dedicated to people attempting to impress a panel of judges with how great they can sing, dance or cook. But that doesn’t mean that it is any easier to get noticed, in fact the opposite could be true. If anything, it is making the competition more fierce. So what are the important things to consider when thinking about how to get noticed?

Firstly, you kind of have to think about who you want to be noticed by. Are you aiming to be picked up by a record company executive, a casting director, or do you just want to be noticed by the general public? If it’s either of the first two, then you have to think about things from their perspective, and that means you need to be as easily marketable as possible (especially if you want to be in the music industry at the moment).


Being marketable means they have not got to spend much time or money altering your image or sound in order for them to be confident the audience will like you. If you can convince them of that, you will quickly have their attention. So, for this to happen, you have to be very clear in your mind what your strengths are and how they apply to a particular image or sound that is currently popular and making money for the industry. If you can present yourself as a ready-to-go example of that look or sound, you will have executives falling over themselves to have you on their books.




Getting in front of these people, however, is not easy, even if you know you have got what it takes. If you’re in a band and you want to know how to get noticed by the industry, there is no better way than to show that you have a strong following already, even among local audiences. Record label bosses really do take notice of what is happening at the grass roots, because they know that if a band is popular with a large number of people in a small area, they can turn that into a global following. So, work hard at developing your fan base at a local level, and then think big!


For models, getting noticed is a little easier as long as you are prepared to pay to have some great photos taken of you by a professional photographer. These might set you back approximately $500-$1000, but if you think about it as investing in your future, then it is a small price to pay. Plus, you get to keep the photos! Once you have them done, you need to make sure they are put in front of the right people. Again, you need to think about which market you fit into, and target the top agencies for these markets, both with your professionally produced portfolio and by attending their open castings. Always act professionally, politely and show them how easy you will be to work with – this is will help you get noticed too.


Thinking about how to get noticed is one of the really tough considerations on the path to fame, but going through the route of an agency or record label is only one of many options today. The internet has created a direct link between a performer and his or her audience, and it’s incredibly easy to become part of it. There are loads of websites that enable you to upload your songs or images such as soundcloud, bandcamp, and flickr, so why not try to see if you can build a following that way? If you start to build up a significant fan base, it won’t be long before some of the professional agencies start to notice you! This is a relatively new area, so definite rules to follow have yet to be set in stone. But ultimately the old basics still apply: think about what you do best, then pick a big market that your skills fit into, work hard on building your experience and making some impact in that area. Good luck!


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