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Sep 29, 12 Modeling Companies

If you want to make it as a model there are a number of companies that you should know about. As I am sure you have worked out by now, modeling is a very competitive business and any advantage that you can get over your rivals is really important. Any professional help you can get from these modeling companies will give you a head start against all of the other people trying to get into the industry at the same time as you.

So what types of companies are out there to help people who want to be a model? Here is our very simple guide to help you understand the industry:

Modeling Agencies

Obviously the main type of company that aspiring models should be aware of are the modeling agencies. You may have already heard of Elite, Next, Q or Premier? These are just a few of the top names in the agency business that sign up models to represent in the industry.

The role of the agency is to get work for their clients with advertising agencies or fashion designers. The modeling agency will take commission from any money the model is paid in return for finding them the work. The agency also often acts as a source of advice and personal assistance to the model, to look after and support them in their daily lives.


Models need to get used to the idea of being photographed, as this is will be something they are doing every day. It is really important that a model works well with photographers as they can be very influential and could make or break your career. Photographers are artists and therefore can be passionate about getting the best possible product for their clients. This may cause some tension, but if you trust them and do what they say you will be fine. Just remember all they want is to make you look as good as possible!

Advertising Agencies

The link between the money and the model is often an advertising agency. They are one of the modeling companies that work directly with the big advertisers who use models in their TV, web or magazine adverts. Advertising can be very well paid work for a model and will also be a big factor in how famous they become. Being cast in a big money advertising campaign could mean your face on billboards, the back cover of magazines, or even half time TV break at the superbowl. The advertising agency will be the people who plan the campaigns and work with the modeling agencies to choose the best models for each job. So remember, always be nice to the people who control the money!

Fashion Designers

The last main modeling companies in the loop are the fashion designers. They work in every part of the fashion business, from high street stores to the catwalk. The designers are the main creative driving force in the fashion industry. Catwalk modeling is often considered to be the most important job a model can do. The designers will chose the models they want to represent their latest collection in each fashion show.

A good way to get into modeling would be to offer your services to a designer for free. People will always look to get something for nothing and if they like you they may start using you for paid work later down the line. Try searching online for young fashion designers and send them an email with some photos to see if they would like to use you.

We hope you found our simple guide to modeling companies useful. Please have a look around the rest of the site for more tips and advice that will help you become famous.



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